Dedicated hiring is always less costly for you. And always the only way to maintain the quality exactly you want.  If you want to outsource projects continuously you don't have to ask fight for price every time. You can provide the specification in the way you want, not always at the start. You save your own time and tension. You can invest that time for other work. You can use existing modules for next projects and save cost radically. You can ask for changes whenever you want. For assignment based projects we always will quote for the features you have explicitly mentioned. If you miss anything, it will cost you dear. Apart from that work like maintenance, adding new feature in the live site, web site re-engineering, comprehensive solutions, dedicated hiring is almost a must for quality if you want to provide quality service to your clients. Otherwise you will lose a lot of business.



General features of our outsourcing work:


24/7 Constant Communication

Top Programmers Support

Faster Service Assurance

Working 180 Hours/Month

Regular Showcase Of Work

Multiple back ups for power and connectivity

Quality Network & Zero downtime

Over 85% Successful Project Ratio

More than 80% employee retention

Focus On Client Satisfaction

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